Typically three appointments are appropriate for most health needs, to monitor progress and gauge requirements.  However, for more serious or chronic conditions, or where more support is required, further sessions may be necessary.  An initial appointment is 90-120 minutes.  Follow-ups are 45-60 minutes.

NB.  Prices for consultation packages include additional research between consultations; phone and email support; any contact or correspondence with medical professionals, functional testing companies or supplement companies on your behalf.

Mini nutrition assessment (45 minutes)*   £30

Supervised food shopping trip (45 minutes) £30

Food intolerance testing (60 minutes)** £150

Package of 3 appointments (Initial & 2 follow-ups)*** £200

Package of 3 follow-ups (£150)

My hourly rate is £60 per hour.

10% concessions are available for under 16s, students, and some state benefits.  I am also available to do health talks to small groups.  Please contact me for further details.

In the future I will be offering health mentoring servicesweekly food diary assessment, adjustments and advice, together with email and telephone support.

*An individual nutrition plan is provided following analysis of current dietary habits.  Also a supervised food shopping trip is recommended for those who would like more advice around healthy choices.  Those who prefer longer term therapy is preferable will have the cost of the mini-nutrition assessment deducted.

**Includes the cost of a Foodprint 40+ food intolerance kit.

***A written summary report is included as part of each consultation.