How can I help you?

Making life better

I’m passionate about helping people improve their gut issues because these conditions have affected two generations of my own family. In my practice, I’ve also seen many women suffering with gut-related symptoms in their daily lives.  I fully understand the challenges of looking after a house and family, working, and living with a health issue like food intolerance, SIBO, IBS or IBD, or even those undiagnosed complaints that make life far more difficult than it needs to be.  Through our sessions, I’ll guide you to better health and a returned enjoyment of life by helping to find the potential root cause of your problem, re-estabilish gut health, and give you strategies to maintain your digestive, physical and mental balance.

Just imagine, being able to go out and have a meal with your friends again without worrying about the consequences!

It’s all about you

My nutrition plans are not only personalised to you as a unique individual, but also underpinned by science. The foods and nutrients I’ll recommend for you take into account not only your dietary preferences, but also your biochemical needs, so you can eat in a way that is healthful, enjoyable, sustainable and simple to implement.  Changes are made at your pace, so whether you prefer more time between sessions, or need increased support, we’ll work together in a way that suits you. 

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I’m here for you

Most importantly, I won’t just send you away with a nutrition plan and expect you to work alone. I’m by your side, with care and compassion, every step of the way, to help keep you inspired, motivated and on track.  You spend so much time looking after everyone else, let someone else look after you for a change.

What my Clients Say:

“I first took my son, Ben, to see Sally after many years of suffering with stomach pains and finally, a diagnosis of sugar intolerance.  Despite making changes to his diet, we didn’t experience the positive benefits we expected, so we went to visit Sally after seeing her business advertised on Facebook.  After an in-depth consultation, Sally suggested some dietary and lifestyle changes that Ben would be able to adapt into his current lifestyle, and within a relatively short period of time, Ben’s stomach pain started to improve, as did his sleep and energy levels.  We took our time to make these changes, and felt supported by Sally throughout the process, who rang us at pre-designated intervals to review how we were getting on.  I was really happy with the service I received, and after only three full sessions, Ben’s health is in a completely different place.”

Helen, UK

Receive three gut health strategies to use straight away.

“I would highly recommend Sally-Anne and the services she offers. My health has improved significantly since seeing her. She is very professional in every way.”

Lorna, UK