Our Journey

My daughter

I became interested in nutrition after giving birth to my second daughter. She was born with a chromosomal disorder (Pallister Killian Syndrome), and a raft of symptoms that increased with her age (nervous tics, anxiety, aggressive outbursts, throat swelling, stomach pain, restless legs, and hidradenitis suppurativa – extremely painful, chronic abscesses), making life difficult for her. The persistent stress also had a knock-effect on my mental and physical wellbeing. Initially, I sought answers through traditional medicine, but when that didn’t help, I began to seek solutions through dietary and lifestyle changes instead.

If you’ve ever tried to research diet for health, it’s not as simple as you’d think. The more you try to learn, the less you feel you know. Trying to find out the best ways to deal with my daughter’s ill-health, I became increasingly confused by a labyrinth of (often contradictory) nutritional research. As a solution, I employed the help of a nutritional therapist, which made life a whole lot easier. I began to see huge improvements in both my own and my daughter’s health.

What nutritional therapy did for my daughter

1. Elimination of her behavioural problems and restless legs.

2.  Her tics and throat swelling became almost non-existent.

3. Her gut issues improved dramatically (reducing pain, bloating and very toxic poos!)

4. A drastic reduction in the frequency and severity of her many, miserably sore abscesses, as well as her need for antibiotics, which only seemed to make things worse. (She’s had no antibiotics since September 2017, which is miraculous considering she was almost permanently on them for years). We’ve also managed to avoid the surgical route.

5. Her energy, mood, anxiety, and quality of life improved, no doubt the result of being in significantly less discomfort.

What nutritional therapy did for me:

1.  An increase in energy.

2. Elimination of constant cold and cold sores.

3. A vast reduction in allergy-related symptoms (sneezing, itchy throat, sore eyes).

4. Improved mood and increased confidence.

5. My bloating and joint pain disappeared.

6. Weight loss (even though I wasn’t eating less).

Having experienced such monumental health benefits, I decided to train as a nutritional therapist, passionate about the therapeutic potential of good food and lifestyle, and wanting to pass this on to help others. So many people find it difficult to change their eating habits, fearing it will be difficult, boring or expensive. It doesn’t have to be any of these things. It can be a challenge at first, I won’t deny that, but with the right attitude, and the right support, it can make a real difference to your quality of life.

As for my daughter, the search for optimal wellness is an ongoing journey, but it’s one that’s going in the right direction.  The rocky road is behind us, and now we’re treading a smoother road towards an optimistic future.