Digestive Health Programmes

Gut health issues can be extremely debilitating.

It’s hard for others to understand the detrimental effect they have on your confidence and quality of life.

You don’t have to deal with this alone. Work with someone who understands.

Time to take back control

Maybe if you had someone to guide and care for you?

Are your gut issues restricting your enjoyment of life? Is bloating, pain, or urgency affecting where you go and what you do? Do you feel extremely motivated to get well, so you eat healthily, but no matter what you do, it makes little difference to your overall wellbeing? Maybe you are frustrated because you are unable to identify which particular food is having negative effects on your your mood, energy or symptoms such as joint or muscle pain. Perhaps a trip to a restaurant or at a friend’s house has become a source of stress or anxiety? Perhaps you’re desperate to change things, but you’re too busy caring for others so you don’t have time or focus to concentrate on yourself.

You’re Not Alone

It might feel like there’s no time to concentrate on yourself, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be with the right guidance. Imagine a future where life is so much easier because you can eat without worry, you don’t feel overwhelmed, and your energy and mood are the best they can be.

Food Freedom

If you’re motivated to get well, and you want to take back control of your health but don’t know where to start, remember you don’t have to do this alone. I’ll show you it is possible to follow a health regime that is simple and sustainable to implement, but that supports you, and which allows you to go back to making food choices confidently .

Empower Yourself

Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn about the best ways to promote good digestive health with my care, and learn to manage your gut, energy, sleep and stress in the long term. There are three levels of support to help you move forward:


This essential programme is for those wanting to ease much more gently into healthier diet and lifestyle patterns but still see their health elevate to a higher level.  Perfect for those with milder gut issues, and who want to balance their emotions and energy to live life to the full.  Monthly one-to-one sessions mean you’ll have time to make consistent changes and stay on track.  


This advanced programme is for those who require more frequency of support and desire a greater degree of health change.  As well as gaining a comprehensive understanding of diet and how it affects gut health and other aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing, the plan also includes the tools required to rediscover a more invigorated, rejuvenated you.  Fortnightly sessions and reviews motivate you to stick to your plan and successfully maintain your health goals in the long term.


This enhanced programme is the ultimate in intensive and structured support, education and encouragement for those with more complex health needs who want to regain the vigour they once took for granted.   If your focus is on finally resolving those chronic gut, mood and energy issues that often feel overwhelming, then this deep dive into your health is the plan for you.  Weekly consultations and reviews are the perfect choice if you need effective, staged guidance to take you forward into a more balanced, energetic and happy future.

Programmes start from £290

Programmes include:

  • Initial personal consultation: 90 minutes
  • Follow up consultations – either face to face or online/telephone: 45-60 mins
  • Mini progress review calls:  15-30 mins – depending on level of package invested in (not included in Redefine Package)
  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress
  • Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan
  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation, if applicable
  • Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation
  • Full Body Composition analysis: Weight, BMI, Fat %, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Age (in-person consultations only)
  • Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits
  • Your Healthy Eating Shopping List 
  • Seasonal recipes

What my Clients Say:

Sally was fantastic when she helped me with a new diet plan for my IBS. After visiting the doctors several times and not getting anywhere, I decided to contact Sally. She worked out a plan which fit in with my life style, and she was understanding and always happy to answer any questions. After years of suffering I finally have my IBS under control and feel great. Thank you so much Sally – you’re a great person!

Rebecca, UK