Slim Yourself, Holistically

On January 17th 2019, my new healthy eating group starts in Todmorden for an initial six week programme.   The main focus will be weight loss.  However, as much as I’m interested in you becoming slimmer (health improves dramatically with weight loss), I’m aware many people regain their weight (and more) once they finish dieting.   Therefore, my focus will be on healthy versions of the foods you love that will not only help you lose weight but also satisfy your appetite so you can maintain your healthy eating plan in the long term.   I’m also interested in you understanding exactly WHY you gain weight and crave specific foods, and why you SEEMINGLY have no willpower around those foods.  

It is no surprise to me that in a recent study from Michigan University (Schulte et al. 2015) it was found that people coming off a highly-processed diet experienced similar withdrawal symptoms to those coming off alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.  This means that people going ‘cold turkey’ with high sugar and/or high fat ‘junk’ food (pastries, pizzas, French fries, biscuits, crisps ) experienced negative effects on the brain and the body: irritability, sadness, cravings, depression, anxiety, and headaches.  Just as many individuals find extra support when withdrawing from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes helps them to stay on track, finding support to stay on a healthy diet is also important.

Unhealthy food is all around – in every supermarket, shop, school, coffee morning, café, vending machine, hospital.  The list is endless and you can’t avoid it.   It requires a great deal of  effort and focus to remain motivated, and often people ‘fail’.   This is no fault of your own.  We will learn more about this during the first six sessions.  You’ll also learn about why you suddenly feel far more hungry when you go on a ‘diet’ (and it’s not just about calorie restriction).

There’s a saying that ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER‘, and this is so true, especially when focusing on weight loss and health.  When we understand why we behave in a particular way, it helps us find strategies and solutions to those behaviours.  We don’t have to let our habits and cravings define us – we can change.  Learning what shapes our impulses is the starting point.  Talking to others in a similar situation is also beneficial, as it helps us understand we are not alone.

My motto is ‘Be the Best Possible You’.  By setting up a weight loss clinic that has a focus beyond calorie counting and looks more at the effects of food on the whole body (including the mind), and how this may benefit you to slim and stay healthy, I hope to help you achieve this.  The initial six weeks (starting at 6.30-7.30pm from the 17th January) cost £42 as a block booking, and after this, you can attend an ongoing support group which can be paid for on a weekly basis. Online support will also be available.

Sessions will be held at:

Physio & Therapies
61 Halifax Road
OL14 5BB

Ring 01706 819464 or 07935 599449 to book or fill in the contact form below. 

*Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment*

Please be advised that while the clinics focus on holistic health to optimise and maintain weight loss, they are not  personalised to individual health issues.  You should seek the advice of your GP if you have any pre-existing health conditions before you start any weight loss plan.  

‘Which Foods May Be Addictive? The Roles of Processing, Fat Content, and Glycemic Load,’ Schulte et al. 2015

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