“I have been very impressed with the very professional and friendly service. I did not have a high expectation of success but have been very encouraged by the progress made to date. I now feel that some long standing issues that I have accepted might in due course be partially or wholly resolved.”

Margaret Sheer, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, 29th August 2020

“Sally was fantastic in helping me with a new dietplan to help with my IBS. After visiting the doctors several times and not getting anywhere, I decided to contact Sally. She was great at setting a plan which worked in with my life style. She was understanding and always happy to answer any questions. After years of suffering I finally have my IBS under control and feel great. Thank you so much Sally – you’re a great person! x”

Rebecca Farrell, Saddleworth, Lancashire, 4th August 2020

“Sally has provided a service way above my expectations. She has listened to me; researched my complicated needs thoroughly and recommended appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes and supports. Sally communicates brilliantly both on a personal level and through her platform – responding quickly to any questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of life.”

Linda Taylor, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, 21st March 2020

“When I visited Sally for the first time I was not in a good place at all. Having been recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis and generally not feeling in good health and being told by my GP that I needed to take some medication with some potential nasty side effects I knew there had to be another way. I saw a post from Sally on Facebook and was immediately intrigued so I visited her website for more information and after reading the testimonials I booked a consultation. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sally was the consummate professional and generally very interested in my symptoms and how I was feeling generally which was so nice as I just was not getting that level of support from my GP. We discussed lots of things and worked out a plan going forward by changing my diet and incorporating other wellbeing measures. At the beginning the progress was at fairly slow pace but I was starting to notice that I was starting to feel better in myself. By my next follow up session we discussed this progress and decided on the next steps. It was during this second period that I began to notice some big changes, my energy levels increased, my moods seemed to dramatically reduce and my mental clarity was much improved. I also noticed a big improvement and almost complete reduction of my joint and muscle pain and my chronic daily headaches were starting to be less frequent too. I am so happy and thankful of the day I met Sally, who knew you could feel so much better by simply changing your diet. I have been working with Sally for nearly six months now and cant fault her knowledge and commitment. All in all first class service. If you are struggling with any health issues and looking for another way to get better, make an appointment with Sally, you will be glad you did.”

Gillian Lennon, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, 4th March 2020

“Sally really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition, she’s also a lovely person and makes you feel comfortable with her very quickly whilst providing her professional support and guidance to the highest standard. She really did help me implement positive changes in my life and I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally and True To Your Health.”

Crystal Star, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, 13th February 2020

“I came to Sally with multiple complex issues. I was looking to fine tune my diet and also for guidance on which supplements may improve my fatigue and digestion. I had realistic expectations about what may be achieved in the short term, however, I am pleased to report that I have seen positive effects rather quickly from some simple changes.The most notable differences for me have been the positive effects of cutting out caffeine on hormonal issues and anxiety, whilst further cutting down on sugar and increasing my intake of leafy greens has improved my overall feeling of wellbeing. The supplements Sally recommended are also starting to make some inroads with my fatigue and I am hopeful that the same will be true of the ones for my digestion. Sally is so warm and friendly which makes talking openly much easier, allowing you to really get to the crux of an issue. Her contact in between appointments was really appreciated as queries can pop up as you try new things and Sally was there to listen and offer different ways around any issues. I feel more in control of my conditions now and will be continuing to work with Sally over the longer term in order to maintain the gains I have made as well as to explore more positive actions I can take for my health.”

ADF, West Yorkshire, 27th December 2019

“I would highly recommend Sally-Anne and the services she offers. My health has improved significantly since seeing her. She is very professional in every way.”

Lorna Laegard, Bacup, Lancashire, 1st December 2019

“I have greatly appreciated your warmth, care, commitment and all the time and effort you spent in background research to address my individual symptoms. I believe I have really benefited from the work we did together (I think the balance of my gut flora is now better than it has been for many years) – thank you!”

HB, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire 26th November 2019

“I started seeing Sally in May knowing my diet needed to change to improve my health. Sally has professionally and sensitively supported the change required to improve my health. There has been complete support and guidance throughout and non-judgemental suggestions. I can’t thank Sally enough for the improvement in health physically and mentally . She goes above and beyond to help.”

Rachel Walker, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire 18th November 2019

“The help I received from Sally exceeded my expectations. The consultation was in-depth and the ensuing health plan was tailored to my specific needs. I would highly recommend Sally to anyone wanting to improve their health through their diet.”

DIane Palliser, Todmorden, West Yorkshire 13th November 2019

“Sally is warm and welcoming and gave a realistic and educated service, she took the time to listen and I am really happy with her recommendations.”

MB, Rochdale, Greater Manchester 8th October 2019

“Sally made me feel completely at ease.  I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who has nutritional issues. It was a pleasant, educational insight into my own personal circumstances, thank you.”

Marie Gogoley, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire 17th May 2019

“Great service. Very interesting. We learnt so much in the session – would definitely recommend.”

Vanessa Holt, Littleborough, Rochdale 25th April 2019

“Sally provided me with great advice and diet plans for lowering my cholesterol in which we worked together over several months. I got amazing results and was really happy with all the dietary and nutrient advice which enabled me to achieve this. Nothing was too much trouble she was pleasant and very professional throughout all the process making you feel comfortable at all times. I would absolutely recommend her. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Pauline Holt, Bamford, Rochdale 16 March 2019

Sally is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition. Her [weight-management education] course is interesting and supportive and I highly recommend you attend and learn!

Elin Rossiter, Todmorden, West Yorkshire 7 March 2019

“Sally really does know her stuff. She’s committed, knowledgeable and very very helpful. Also a truly lovely person. One of the world’s good guys.”

Chris Doyle: Saddleworth, Lancashire 22 November 2018