What Happens in a Nutritional Therapy Clinic?


Post-lockdown,  online consultations will still be available.  

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This process describes the initial consultation and the subsequent follow-ups:

  1.  Before your first appointment, we will chat briefly on the telephone to discuss your symptoms and whether nutritional therapy is suitable for you.  You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and diet diary, including any information regarding recent blood tests, medications and supplements. This will allow me to research your main symptoms, any drug/nutrient interactions and perform a brief assessment of your eating habits.
  2. The initial consultation is typically 90-120 minutes long, and during this time I take a detailed case history from you.  This includes your personal medical history, family medical history, and other information about your lifestyle, behaviours, and an overview of your main dietary preferences. This will enable me to understand how nutritional support can be personalised to you.
  3. Following our discussion, I will create a plan of personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations.  Diet and lifestyle changes are always the main focus, but in certain circumstances, supplements and/or laboratory testing may be recommended.
  4. Between appointments, I will continue to research your condition based on your own unique symptoms, to provide the best possible nutritional and lifestyle advice in follow-up sessions.
  5. Follow-up appointments are typically 4-6 weeks after the initial and last approximately 45-60 minutes.  They are an opportunity to look at your progress, discuss successes and challenges, any additional symptoms, and make amendments to the nutrition plan.  These appointments are also a chance to discuss any further research into your symptoms or condition, as well as the advantages of possible testing and supplementation (if necessary).
  6. The number of appointments required is dependent on the complexity of the health goals, but for most common health complaints, three appointments are sufficient.  The number of appointments also depends on the personality of the client.  Some people are keen to instantly overhaul their diet; others like to make changes more gradually.
  7. All data shared is confidential and protected by strict GDPR rules.  For more information, please click the link: Privacy Policy