What is Nutritional Therapy


Post-lockdown,  online consultations will still be available.  

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Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to wellness that focuses, not only on the quality of your diet, but also on the lifestyle and environmental factors which may detract from your sustained health and wellbeing.  Many people feel they eat well, but that this alone isn’t having the effect they hoped on their overall vitality.  Throughout your consultation,  we will work together to investigate the timeline of your symptoms, your medical history, lifestyle, environmental influences and stressors, to look for the potential root cause of your health issues, and solutions that can be adapted to your way of life.

Healthy food selection

People are often confused by the contradictory science surrounding healthy diet.  Part of my role is to research and simplify nutritional science based on your symptoms and goals, then translate it into easy-to-understand, individualised nutrition plans.  My nutrition plans are designed to optimise the nutritional density of your diet in order to increase vitality and ease symptoms, but in a way that is staged to fit in with your current lifestyle and requirements.

Nutritional therapy is also important from an educational perspective.  Often, we know that certain foods are ‘good for us’, but we don’t know why.  If we don’t know the purpose of why we are eating a particular way, it is less likely we will stick to it.  During our consultations, I will explain exactly why certain interventions are necessary for the continued healthy functioning of your body.  This will help develop a more positive attitude to healthy foods, and means you will have the right knowledge and tools to help you take charge of your own health in the future.